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How to send big files

How it works

GrosFichiers is a free service for businesses and individuals to send at once up to 10 GB files to one or several recipients through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

GrosFichiers acts as intermediary between the sender and recipients. Each recipient receive by email a link to download the files, which are stored on our servers until then.


Step by step


Step 1: Select your files

  • Click on the red link "Select your files" --> a window opens to select files
  • Select one or more files (multiple selection by holding down the CTRL key, or CMD key on Mac)
  • Validate your selection --> the window closes and the files appear in step 1 section
  • Delete a file by clicking on the red tab next to it or delete all files with the red tab in the summary box
  • Select and validate files as many times as needed

Step 2: Upload your files

  • When at least one file appear in step 1 section, you can start uploading your files
  • Click on the red link "Start uploading your files" --> the files transfer begins
  • Interrupt the transfer if necessary by clicking on the red "Stop uploading" tab
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as necessary
  • During files transfer, you can already move to Step 3

Step 3: Write your email message

  • Write your message at any time (take advantage of the uploading time)
  • Fill in the "Your Name" field --> displayed as "Sender" to recipients
  • Fill in the "Your email address" field --> important! Confirmation email will be sent to this address
  • Fill in the "Email recipients" field --> used to provide the recipients with the link to download your files
      automatic formatting of addresses copied/pasted from an email service contacts' list
      add up to ".RECIP_MAX." recipients (fields open one by one)
  • Fill in the "Subject of the email" and "Content" fields
  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must contain valid information in order to send the email
  • To avoid waiting for files transfer completion, you can choose the automatic sending option under step 4

Step 4: Send your message and files

  • Click on the red tab "Send your email and your files" --> the Confirmation page gets loaded
  • If files transfer is still ongoing, you can use the option "Click here to send automatically when uploading is complete" (but be careful not to close the website window!)

You upload your files on our own servers located in Switzerland and France. In no way will your details be shared with third-party companies.
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