• Max 4 GB per file or per send
  • Files available for 14 days
  • File access is encrypted

Your donations:

They help modestly to keep the site and pay rent for the server.
We regularly receive donations from 10 to 50 EUR. Thank you all !

How to use

How it works

GrosFichiers is a free service for businesses and individuals that allows you to send files up to 4 GB to one or several recipients through web browsers , such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

GrosFichiers acts as an intermediary between sender and recipient. The recipient receives an email containing a link to download the uploaded file or files. The files are stored on our servers as they await download.

Step by step

Step 1: Select your files

  • Click on the red "Select your files" link --> a window opens, allowing you to select files
  • Select one or more files (choose multiple files by holding down the CTRL key) (or the SHIFT key on Mac)
  • Validate your selection --> the window closes and the files are listed in the step 1 section
  • Delete files by clicking on the red "Delete" tab next to the file to be deleted
  • Select and validate as often as necessary

Step 2: Upload your files

  • When at least one validated file is listed below step 1, the "Start uploading" link becomes active and red
  • Click on the red "Start uploading" link --> the file transfer begins
  • Wait for the end of the transfer (all of the validated files must be 100% transferred)
  • Interrupt the transfer if necessary by clicking on the red "Stop uploading" tab
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as necessary

Step 3: Write your email

  • Write your message at any time (take advantage of the upload time)
  • Fill in the "Your Name" field --> displayed to recipients as "Sender"
  • Fill in the "Your email address" field --> Important! This is the address to which the confirmation message will be sent
  • Fill in the "Email recipients" field --> Used to contact the recipients (copy and paste addresses from e-mail software: they will be formatted automatically)
  • Fill in the "Subject" and "Contents" fields
  • All of the fields must be correct in order to send the email

Step 4: Send your message and files

  • If all of your files have been uploaded (steps 1 and 2) and the email fields are validated (step 3), the "Send my message and files" tab becomes active and red
  • Click on the red "Send my email and my files" tab --> the confirmation page loads
  • Check the box on the right to send the message automatically when uploading is complete (implies that the email fields are valid)